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  • Choosing the right line for river smallmouth bass fishing

    Throughout my River Smallmouth Bass Kayak Angling 101 series, I’ve tried to keep things as simple as possible and I’ll be doing the same in this article regarding line selection. I know that there are a variety of line manufacturers and everyone has their favorite brands and types of line for various applications. I’m not […]

  • Gear for the efficient river kayak angler

    Your PFD, Paddle, and kayak are base line essentials for a day on the river. Of course, your PFD should be worn at all times. That goes without saying. I just received some 2013 safety data from the American Canoe Association and last year 75% of all canoe and kayak fatalities involved individuals who where […]

  • Video: Wood & Waters Seminar at Green Top in VA

    I had the pleasure of joining Woods & Waters Magazine at Green Top in Richmond VA to do a seminar on Locating and Catching Early Spring Smallmouth Bass. The folks at Woods & Waters are awesome and Green Top is an outdoor sportsman’s dream! Part 1 of the video focuses on locating early spring smallmouth […]

  • Essential lures for river smallmouth bass

      When you’re chasing river smallmouth bass, you’ve got to have the right lures at your disposal. As I was developing this list, I challenged myself to come up with a handful of baits that would work for river smallmouth spring through fall. The result, a collection of lures that I would have complete confidence […]

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